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Gifts you will love to give, and they will love to use

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Fine art with a Function - each piece is meticulously crafted, and enriches even the simplest of tasks like opening a bottle.

Each original piece you see is burned by hand, using the art of Pyrography - translated literally to "writing with fire". No machine or laser can replicate the detail, depth and appreciation of an original wood burning.


Take the stress out of struggling to come up with “the perfect gift” for the ones on your short list … that’s my job.

Because each product is made to order, it gives you the opportunity to create something truly unique and personalized - for any occasion, for anyone. Just give a name or phrase, and I’ll handle the rest. (Perfect gift … CHECK.)


All designs are one-of-a-kind, applied to only the finest grades of each wood species - for a new, authentic way to accessorize your life.

For the passionate hobbiest, there's a variety of gifts and décor available to accessorize their favorite past time activity.


Beautiful and great quality artwork! Sam is amazingly talented and kind. My husband has followed her on Instagram for months and he is always referencing “Mokie Burns” . I told Sam all of this and she went out of her way to ensure my husband was completely surprised by his Christmas Gift. Her dedication to making her customers happy is the best I have seen. We will definitely be buying more of her products. I highly recommend Mokie Burns!
— etsy review
What an AMAZING Christmas gift for my fiance. I bought him some great gifts and this was, by far, his favorite. He is a professional fly fisherman and the tarpon is his favorite fish, so I always try to find him something fishing/tarpon related that he won’t buy himself. The woodwork and detailing on this is extraordinary and it was delivered in a very timely matter (especially since I ordered during the holidays!). Thank you, Mokie Burns!!
— Etsy Review
I commissioned a piece for my father in law as a Christmas present. My wife and I won Christmas with this gift! Tremendous attention to detail and as good as the pictures look online, nothing does the real thing justice. If you’re on the fence, jump over it now and get one!
— Facebook Review

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The Adventures of Mokie Burns

There's a lot of exciting things to come for Mokie Burns ... join in on the adventure! Follow me on Instagram to see previews of new products, local event information, and stories behind starting a Small Business. Who knows, maybe I'll throw in a few exclusive discounts for ya.

Beer + Bar

[Fine Art with a Function]

WIth a variety of hardware colors, choose a finish that best fits the style and look you want for your unique opener.




A fun, portable bottle opener that both mounts and catches the caps using the power of SCIENCE, with powerful magnets.

[I can guarantee this will never get old … I’m a little sick of seeing these things, but I still smirk when I use one.]


[The perfect gift, for any occasion]


Why have art on coasters, when I’m just going to stack them up?

… Definitely a valid issue I came to realize.

Luckily, I was able to call on my favorite friend again … MAGNETS!


Display these coaster sets with a floating metal frame - making them truly functional pieces of art.

Start From Scratch

[The Ultimate Custom(er) Experience]


If you have an idea of your own that you would like to bring to life, please visit the "Custom Design" page to learn more.


Sell Mokie Burns Product


[Something new & unique for your store]

I now offer many of my products at wholesale prices (…and I’m very excited about it).

Even more exciting for you, designs can be customized to integrate your company’s logo / slogan / etc. for your own unique offering.

Please e-mail with your business name, information and resale certificate to access the catalog and linesheet.